Legal, Economic, and Political Reasons for Individual Ownership of Personal Data

“Data” and “privacy” are among the most frequently used buzzwords nowadays. Contact tracking, surveillance, and data usage have been subjects of many debates among policymakers, economists, and consumer rights advocates.

One of the most prominent debates revolves around answering a key question: who should own personal data and data that is generated by cell phones and smart devices? The vast majority of us would agree that individuals should be the owners of the data they generate.

Current Approach: Focus on Access, not Ownership

This may come as a surprise to you, but individual data ownership rights, which would give individuals the right to own and control their…

Agile Governance of Humans and AI: The Case of Japan

The pace of innovation is making foreseeing the future far more uncertain. Societies stakeholders include not only humans, but also algorithms and artificial intelligence. How does a Government foster innovation and balance it with the right safeguards? This is a discussion about the proposed Agile Governance in Japan.

On this podcast episode, we talk to Mr. Hiroki Habuka, Deputy Director for Global Digital Governance at the Digital Economy Division of the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry of Japan. We explore how one of the leading economies in the world is adjusting to the emerging technologies that utilize AI.


“Data Value and Privacy: A Win-Win”

How do we design applications for the highest utility for individuals? Must we always share data with third parties that offer services to us or can we have an opportunity to say “no” to data sharing? Is it possible to combine data privacy and utility? How can we make sure that the value from personal data and utility remains with the individual?

In episode №6 of the Liberty. Equality. Data. podcast we are delighted to welcome Dr. Ann Cavoukian to discuss issues around data privacy, utility, and ongoing trends towards decentralization of data. Ann is one of the world’s leading privacy experts and has been recognized as being among the Top Women in Tech.

Ann is most well known as the visionary and a thought leader in all matters related to data privacy. One of her most impactful accomplishments is the notion of “Privacy by Design” — a framework based on proactively embedding privacy into the design and operation of IT systems…

More data on the user side should lead to the creation of more intelligent apps. What are the current trends in the personal data market? How can brands, developers, and entrepreneurs create new tools that would activate user-held data? How will the personal data ecosystem look in 5–10 years?

On May 6, 2021, Prifina and partners organized a live webinar “So Much Data — Where Are Our Intelligent Apps?”

Prifina’s CEO Markus Lampinen was acting as a host-moderator and three rockstar panelists, each of whom is working projects that are closely related to possible uses of personal data, took part in this virtual discussion:

  • Kathy Giori is an IOT guru who is building cutting-edge solutions that combine sensors, edge devices, and publicly available data;
  • Vik Kashyap, COE of ToiLabs — creator of a smart toilet which is equipped with smart sensors and which offers personal health data analytics to…

“So Much Data — Where Are Our Intelligent Apps?”

On May 6, 2021 (Thursday) 9 am PT we are organizing a live webinar “So Much Data — Where Are Our Intelligent Apps?”

We are privileged to have such a distinguished group of panelists:

The event will be streamed live. You can registere here.

Our partners in organizing this event include Finnish-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce, Finnish-Lithuanian Trade Association, and Vilnius University Law Faculty.

Looking forward to meeting you there!

Connect With Us and Stay in Touch

Prifina allows you, as an individual, to bring your data from different devices and services into one place under your control. …

Leveling the Playing Field between Humans and Algorithms

Prifina is thrilled to welcome Dr. Peter Cotton as our special guest in the fifth episode of the “Liberty. Equality. Data.” podcast.

Peter currently serves as the Senior Vice President and Chief Data Scientist at Intech Investment Management LLC. After obtaining his Ph. D. degree in Mathematics from Stanford, he held leadership roles at major U.S. financial institutions. Peter has led data science projects at Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan Chase, and several major hedge funds, where he built solutions solving complex data problems. He has extensive experience with crowdsourcing models and helped build one of the first in the world…

Consumer Privacy: Burden or Choice?

Prifina is delighted to introduce Zoe Vilain as our special guest for the fourth episode of the “Liberty. Equality. Data.” podcast.

Zoe is an industry expert who plays a big role in shaping approaches to personal data and consumer privacy in the post-GDPR and CCPA era. She is currently working as a legal counsel on all matters related to personal data. Previously, she served as Chief Privacy and Strategy Officer for a VC-backed, consumer privacy startup Jumbo. Zoe was also ranked in Business Insider’s 2020 “top 100 people to follow in consumer tech” for her work in privacy.

In this…

While legal requirements seem unmanageable, emerging user-centric data models offer a glimpse into a brighter future.

On March 18, 2021, two of Prifina’s Co-founders, Kimmo Kiviluoto and Paul Jurcys, organized a seminar “Data Transfers after Schrems II: A New Iron Curtain for Data?”. Two other legal experts participated in this event: Dr. Marcelo Corrales Compagnucci and Dr. Magdalega Goralczyk. This seminar was co-hosted with Vilnius University Law Faculty (Lithuania).

Here are some key take-aways:

  • The Schrems Saga is one of the most controversial trans-Atlantic examples of different approaches to personal data;
  • Businesses in the EU face the unfathomable burden of meeting the requirements for data transfers;
  • GAIA-X and edge computing are promising data frameworks, but they…

Personal data: The Force of Social Physics

How can personal data be used to help individuals reach their goals? How do we bridge the value asymmetry between individuals and businesses, and build applications that deliver more value to the individuals themselves?

In this episode, we talk to Dr. James Guszca, the Chief Data Scientist at Deloitte USA and a visiting fellow at Stanford’s Center for Advanced Studies in Behavioral Sciences. Jim is a renowned expert in behavioral economics and data science with more than twenty years of experience in data, machine learning, and ethical aspects of AI. During his career, he built some of the first algorithms for the largest insurance companies, held several professorship positions, and published prolific studies on the intersection of human behavior, data, and AI.

In this podcast, we focus on the confluence of behavioral insights, machine…

“Health Data, Wearables, and Personal Value” with Steven S. Charlap, MD

In this episode, we talk to Steven S. Charlap, MD. Steven is a trained surgeon and the CEO of Soap Health, which is building a conversational, AI-powered patient and physician facing interface. Previously, Steven was the CEO of HealthDrive Corporation, the largest U.S. provider of medical and dental services to extended care facilities.

In this podcast, we focus on health data, new data generated by wearables, direct-to-consumer genome testing, and how each can generate value on different levels (personal insights, utility for physicians, health-driven incentives, and behavior adjustments). …

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