Legal, economic, and political reasons for individual ownership of personal data

Data that users “freely share” with a brand — so-called “zero-party” data — has gained quite a bit of interest among companies offering goods and services to consumers. Managing and leveraging this data are now amongst the most pressing issues facing many firms, particularly luxury brands. In this post we explore how user-held data models might add value to brands, consumers and the enormous opportunities that developers have in building new types of data apps.

When Targeted Ads Are not Enough

“Targeted online advertisements? It was too easy. And with so many other things to do, I never thought seriously about building a community around my customers. I paid lip service to the idea — I think many people did — but it was quicker to go with targeted ads and…

The New Internet Stack with Mozilla: Personal Data, Decentralization, and Open Source

On September 10, 2021, the U.S. Federal Court of Northern California handed down a ruling in the landmark case between computer game maker Epic Games and technology leader Apple. It provides a glimpse into the future of the in-app payments in the iOS environment.

The Genesis Of the Dispute

Agile Governance of Humans and AI: The Case of Japan

“Data Value and Privacy: A Win-Win”

How do we design applications for the highest utility for individuals? Must we always share data with third parties that offer services to us or can we have an opportunity to say “no” to data sharing? Is it possible to combine data privacy and utility? How can we make sure that the value from personal data and utility remains with the individual?

More data on the user side should lead to the creation of more intelligent apps. What are the current trends in the personal data market? How can brands, developers, and entrepreneurs create new tools that would activate user-held data? How will the personal data ecosystem look in 5–10 years?

“So Much Data — Where Are Our Intelligent Apps?”

On May 6, 2021 (Thursday) 9 am PT we are organizing a live webinar “So Much Data — Where Are Our Intelligent Apps?”

Leveling the Playing Field between Humans and Algorithms

Consumer Privacy: Burden or Choice?

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